Mair Sangs


SOME Sangs here belong to or tell about more than one place.

We will add more here


Tune : Come Boat Me Oer

Where are the boats that would carry us safe, ferry us ower the Firth o Tay

A steamship, a paddle boat, anything that'll float, just like they did in the auld days

Lindores tae Errol, Port Allan tae Newburgh, Ferryfield ower tae Cairnie

Carpow tae Inchyra, Kinfauns tae East Rhynd, far more direct than the motorways

Lindoes tae Errol wis busy langsyne, fower boats belanged tae the Abbey

But Newburgh Market captured the trade, takin ye ower frae Port Allan Quay

Inchyra wis known as the Loaf Ferry, MacDuff he wis runnin fur safety

He hadny the money, he paid wi some breid, and afterwards other folk paid the same way

There used tae be steamers com up frae Dundee, pleasure boats oot on a jauntin

Oot frae the city smoke for a wee spree and a dram on a Sunday mornin

Star Of Gowrie wis one paddle boat, another The Lass Of Gowrie

The Emily Florence hauled tatties an grain oot o Port Allan tae ports far away

There's only one ferry left servin the Tay, an Nan Jarvis still has the ferry rights

She must carry anyone who comes and asks, but, hey, she can charge them whitever she likes

She only gets asked for it once a year, walkers or groups she'll carry

Between Ferryfield and Cairnie Pier, hurrah for the Heughhead Ferry


TUNE Variant of There was a farmer had two sons

s s d m, r d l s

s s d m, f m r r

s s d m, r d l s

s s s m, r d d

It turned the wheels that ground the meal

An mills o many another trade

Flax an linen, cotton an jute

Aa relied on Perth Town Lade

The work an trade o man an Maid

Aa relied on Perth Town Lade

Cardin, spinnin, sawin wood

Bruisin grain, tannin skin

Crushin tatties, crushin bones

The Lade made aa their cogs tae spin

The mighty Pullars, the pride o Perth

They dyed their cloth and they cleaned it too

Though their chimney fell at last

Still beneath the Lade runs through

Seven hundred years ago

At Huntingtower the dig began

Frae Almond River tae the Tay

Four miles long the channel ran

They made that water work so hard

To turn the wheels that made Perth's power

Now it murmurs peacefully

Aa the way frae Huntingtower


圀栀攀爀攀 䄀爀攀 吀栀攀 䈀漀愀琀猀
(㈀ ㄀㜀ⴀ 㜀ⴀ㈀  ㄀ ㄀㘀)



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