Abernethy Primary P3/4


When ah was single, ah used tae comb ma hair

Noo ah'm married ah haveny the time tae spare

It's a life, a life, a weary weary life

Yer better tae be single than tae be a married wife

When ah wis single ah used tae shop a lot

Noo ah'm married that's time that ah've no got

One says Mammy, ah want some ham an jam

The ither says Mammy, an butter on ma sandwich

When ah wis single ah used tae get some peace

Noo ah'm married the craziness doesny cease

One says Mammy, can ah go tae the park

The ither says Mammy, and drivin in the dark

When ah wis single ah used tae drive alone

Noo the kids are moanin, ah have tae shout DONT!”

One says Mammy, the baby's eatin ma hair

The ither says Mammy, are we nearly there?


Up the road from Abernethy School there’s a tower. Tall and pointy.

At the top there’s a golden fish and it shows which way the wind blows.

Go to the museum and get the key. It's 25 centimetres.

Unlock the door and climb the steps and see the muckle great bell.

Up the ladder to the heavy trap door. Its pitch black, dark and scary.

You can see the silvery Tay and the Castlelaw hill behind you.


Tune: The Keel Row

There’s big cats and wee cats.

There’s fast cats and slow cats.

There’s fat cats and thin cats.

All around the world.

There’s sick cats and KitKats.

Gummy cats and pregnant cats.

There’s fierce cats and scaredy cats.

All around the world.

A cheetah is a big cat.

With sharp teeth and sharp claws.

Don’t run away because

It’s faster than you.

It’s a predator

It runs at 70 miles an hour.

It’s not the kind of cat

You’d like to have at home.

But near Abernethy,

The local vet he owned a pet

It was a cheetah.

And he loved it well.

He took it to the cinema

For the film called “Born Free”

And all the people came to see

The cheetah in Dundee.

And the movie.


Tune: South Australia

Janet Paton kens a lot, here in Abernethy toon

Who was who and what was what, here in Abernethy

Hairy Buggie and his pals, stood at the top of Station Road

For the train with the Saturday football scores, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy

There used tae be a meenister, here in Abernethy toon

His name was Fergus Ferguson, here in Abernethy

Adults were respectful, but the young were less polite

Called him Fungus Ferguson, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy

Other characters Janet can name, here in Abernethy toon

And in which street they had their hame, here in Abernethy

Betsy Morrison, Scarce O Hair, Pavvie Lyon, Caroorum Jock

Mrs MacPherson who played the accordion, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy

Mrs Richardson, she made kilts, here in Abernethy toon

For the slim or the quite well built, here in Abernethy

She had two big borzoi dogs, your new kilt was covered with hairs

But the price was right, so you didny care, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy

Doon aside the roondaboot, here in Abernethy toon

There’s a gairden fu o floors, here in Abernethy

Elizabeth Peattie, District Nurse, the garden celebrates her name

1936 she came, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy

Cycled about with her Gladstone bag, here in Abernethy toon

If the sun blazed doon or the weather was bad, here in Abernethy

The folk o the toon said ‘That’s a shame’, oot o their pockets money came

An they bocht her a nice wee motor car, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy

Janet Paton kens a lot, here in Abernethy toon

Who was who and what was what, here in Abernethy

Here in Abernethy, here in Abernethy


圀栀攀渀 愀栀 眀愀猀 猀椀渀最氀攀
(㈀ ㄀㜀ⴀ㄀ ⴀ 㘀 ㄀㌀㔀㈀)


吀漀眀攀爀 刀愀瀀 ㈀ 攀搀椀琀攀搀
(㈀ ㄀㜀ⴀ㄀ ⴀ 㘀 ㄀㌀㔀㈀)
Artist (Album)


䌀愀琀猀 ㄀ 攀搀椀琀攀搀
(㈀ ㄀㜀ⴀ㄀ ⴀ 㘀 ㄀㌀㔀㈀)


䨀愀渀攀琀 倀愀琀漀渀 䬀攀渀猀 ㈀ 攀搀椀琀攀搀
(㈀ ㄀㜀ⴀ㄀ ⴀ 㘀 ㄀㌀㔀㈀)

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